„Etno view – North America”
Master thesis, 2017

Etno View – Northern America is an original project presenting Native American legends in a form of illustrations. The works main goal was to present both the most interesting and important details of the Native American beliefs in an appealing and accessible way.
Each of selected legends was crafted into a illustration showing a key moment of the given story. In the next step the illustrations were brought together so that they created a “map” of Indian beliefs. On the final picture time of day and seasons change smoothly to create a world that is coherent and at the same time presents each of the stories in the proper setting.

Etno View

Viewers can navigate through the website created for the presentation in a way that at one moment they view only a piece of the whole picture. This layout refers to satellite maps, such as popular “Google maps”, making the navigation more intuitive for the user. While going through the website it is possible to click on certain parts of the illustration to bring up a dedicated subpage. Over there we can see the selected part along with the text box with the corresponding legend. Viewers can easily go back to the main picture later, in the same place they earlier finished.

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„Stories once told”
Animation is part of Master’s thesis

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